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Aug. 27th, 2012

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Feb. 5th, 2019

And then there were three

I meant to write an update a while back, but I never seem to get around to it.  So.. here goes.

My life now revolves mostly around cats.[cats, cats, cats]In the past year I adopted two cats: Sumsum, who's shaping up to be your normal finicky cat, and Efi, who's extremely cute, but is a bundle of trouble (more on that later).  In additon, there's three kittens in the yard from a calico mother (nicknamed "The black calico", "the orange calico", and "the little calico", though none of them are calicos, and frankly (now that I'm looking it up) - neither is their mother)

Lastly, another little kitten showed up a few months ago.  He showed up in Efi's bed (I suspect she invited him over), and for quite a while I had to block him from grabbing food when I fed my cats.  I originally nicknamed him the Anti-Efi, because he has similar coloring to Efi, though he wasn't pretty or cute and always looked mean, and because I always found him in her bed.  She, of course, being the friendly type, didn't mind and had lots of fun playing with him.  Later he became "Efi B", until I finally broke down, and he got his own food and name (Oliver).

Who did not see that coming (besides me)?

(Also, the little calico has started showing up at feeding times. I wonder if he thinks his name is Oliver too.)

Until Oliver showed up, I thought the calico siblings had nothing.  Turns out they had something even my cats don't have - a mother cat.  I once saw Oliver begging her, unsuccessfully, to let him nurse.

Oliver's really trying and very perceptive.  The day I put a bowl of food down in front of him, his attitude completely changed.  Instead of running away, he now approaches me to get petted.  And he even started looking cute.


Efi, the little bundle of trouble.  She's a beautiful cat (in my very biased opinion), very friendly, and has no concept of danger.  For example, when I take out the weed-whacker, all the cats in the yard make themselves scarce, except for Efi who will sit next to me and watch me work.

A few months ago I had an issue with a neighborhood kid who abducted her because he wanted to play with her.  It took panicky me a while to figure out where she is.  This repeated a few times (Efi goes missing, I panic) until I finally invited him to come play with her (which he does sometimes).

Then, about a month ago, she disappeared again.  I made sure she wasn't abducted by the usual suspect, but I had a feeling it was different this time.  I searched for her all over. Sumsum and Oliver joined me a few times - it's not as easy to look for a cat when you've got another cat meowing next to you, but I figured she's more likely to come out if she hears her friends looking for her.  And it's not as if they asked me, anyway.

I really got upset at poor Oliver.  For one, when people can barely tell one cat from another on a good day, it made it even harder with him around.  I almost thought he was Efi a few times.  Second, he was quite ready to jump into Efi's shoes.  I half-suspected him of pushing her off a cliff.  And third - he was there, and Efi wasn't.  Not his fault, but that only helped a bit.

There's a construction zone under my house, so I mostly focused there, since I thought it was the more dangerous area and assumed (ha!) that people will certainly find her anywhere else. After all, she's a cute cat with a collar. Surely people will realize she belongs to somebody, right?  Well, technically that would work, if people would notice cats, but apparently, most people don't.

I made sure the entire neighborhood knew my cat was missing, and then did another round with all the closest neighbors to check their yards and sheds.  (Btw, it helped I had lots of pictures of her.  For one, because she's my photogenic cat.  And second, because I keep updating the person who gave her to me on how she's doing).  I kept switching between being sure I'll never see her again, and hoping that she was still alive and will somehow make it home.  But it was very rainy and cold, and Efi was always a hungry cat.  Assuming she was still alive, I didn't think she had much of a chance.  But I continued spreading out litter in various places, hoping that if she's out there, it will draw her back home.  Long story shorter - one of my neighbor's kids found her a week and a half later in the local park, much thinner but surpringly still in one piece.    The first couple of days she barely moved, ate or meowed and spent most of the time I was home curled up on my lap.  It took her another couple of weeks to get back to herself and get back to her usual fun and games with Sumsum.

Both cats had a collar before, but now I added a nametag (with my name, which the shop-guy thought was weird, because most people put their pet's name.  I don't see how their name would help anybody).  Somebody asked me why I don't just put a GPS on the cats, so I actually looked into it, and am getting some sort of RF tracker.  We'll see if that works.  Have I mentioned I'm the panicky type?

Also, a few people suggested the Efi disappeared this time because she went into heat. So, at first I thought to let her recover before taking her to the vet, but on second thought - I didn't take a chance.

In non-cat-news:  I actually plotted out a few wips I want to finish (writing them is something else), and I signed up for PurimGifts.

I ran across this song by a group called The Giraffes.  The song goes: I think I started to write poems so as not to work, I think I started to work so as not to write poems.  Repeated for 5.30 minutes.  *puts on endless loop*

ETA: I almost forgot... I went to a writing conference.  Quite interesting, but I think my experience as a ficcer is almost but not exactly like the more 'normal' writers.  Afterwards, I sent the organizer an email offering to give a talk on fanfiction.  Still waiting for a response.  *checks watch*

Oct. 2nd, 2018

The New Munchkin

To make a long story short - I've got a new munchkin. Name's Efi.

[The longer story]I've been debating for a long time whether Sumsum wouldn't be better off with another kitten.  I researched the issue online and got two very clear answers: YES (kittens love company) and NO (don't get a kitten for your kitten).  After a lot more debating, I finally called up a shelter and asked them what they think.  I spoke to two people, and again got both a "YES" (two are better than one!) and a "NO" (if your kitten is always outside, why don't you just adopt another neighborhood kitten?  The answer is that I didn't know where to find kittens, but more on that later).  I did get advice, though, on how to integrate two kittens outside.

I looked up people advertising online and wondered how the hell I was going to choose a kitten.  Looks?  How will I know he/she will fit well with Sumsum?

In the end, I was buying food for Sumsum, when a woman walked into the shop and said she just found a kitten.  After some discussion with the sales-lady (they feed cats and she was hoping they'll feed her as well), she turned to me and asked if I wanted a kitten.  "Well...".  Turns out she's the local cat-lady, and she already has ten cats.

Part of the reason why I wasn't sure about a new kitten is that I fell in love with Sumsum, and wasn't sure I could do that again.  What I didn't even take into account was that the day I brought Efi home, my lovable sweet kitten turned into a hissing witch.  I barely recognized her and wondered why I ever got myself into this cat mess.

For her own protection, I put Efi in the shed during the day, dubbed her "prisoner #1" and let her out only when I could supervise them.  But, in less than a week and after a weekend where I supervised them both for hours together, the miracle happened.  The angry fights turned into play fights.  Another clip here, from the day they finally became friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBX7fCImLKg

But all this cuteness has a sad side too.  Sumsum and Efi are lucky.  There might be better owners out there, but by me they're loved, well-fed, and get medical care.  Most cats live a very hard life and have to fend for themselves.  It's got me thinking a lot about the unfairness of it all.

As it turns out, I do have neighborhood kittens.  Their mother had been keeping them somewhere until now, but slowly she's been moving them towards my yard (as it now sometimes has food outside, and my neighbors had been feeding her as well).  One was extremely sick and died, leaving three.  Two kittens is really my limit, and there's no way I can take care of another four cats.  Even if I wanted to adopt just one, I can't adopt a kitten when its mother and siblings are right there.  So now I have the "haves" and "have nots" in my yard, and the dilemma is right in my face.

Aug. 15th, 2018


Long time no write.  For some reason, every time I set up a post, I end up erasing everything.

Besides having a few writing projects still on my mind, and a few vidding projects that didn't get past the notes stage, I got into amigurumi (leaving me with a few cute things and a few half-finished projects), gardening (rock rabbits are mostly gone), started watching a few new shows (which I meant to write about and maybe will, none is up there with White Collar though), and then about a month ago - a little kitten showed up.   I saw her coming down my neighbor's steps meowing and looking all pitiful, and so after checking with them that they hadn't adopted her, I set her up in my front porch and named her sumsum (sesame).

Since she lives outside and there's nothing really keeping her by me, it took me quite a while to get over the fear that I'll come home from work one day and there will be no kitty waiting for me.  But for now she's hanging around.

This is when she showed up.  The vet thought she was 4-6 weeks old, though from what I read I assumed she was about 8 weeks:

And this is now.  We start off our mornings with a walk around the garden (I walk and weed, she runs and chases things).

Apr. 19th, 2018

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Fanvid: Seriously

Title: Seriously
Song: "Seriously" by Yonina
Clips: S1
Summary: Who do you think you are, to take yourself so seriously?

Feb. 23rd, 2018

White Collar Fic: Birthday Surprise

Title: Birthday Surprise
Characters/Pairings: Peter, El, Neal, Mozzie
Rating: PG
Summary: It's Neal's birthday

Notes: Set in S1.  Written for pipilj for the gen exchange at collarcorner round 50.

Also posted on AO3

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Nov. 30th, 2017

White Collar Fanvid: Call Me

Title: Call Me
Song: "Call Me" by Isolier Band
Rating: PG
Summary: The White Collar team keeps on finding new ways to call each other.  inspired by wc_rewatch

[Notes]Notes: This song was a candidate for the 1983 Eurovision contest.  Like most Eurovision songs, it tries to have universal appeal (ie, sound like English), except that in this case, the whole song is about trying to write a song with an English 'ring' to it.  My kind of humor.

Sep. 10th, 2017

The Americans Vid: Brave New World

Title: Brave New World
Characters: Philip, Elizabeth, Paige, Nina etc.
Song: "This is War" by Thirty Seconds to Mars
Rating: PG
Summary: A warning to the people, The good and the evil, This is war.

Jun. 1st, 2017

WC Reverse Big Bang and NaNoDownUnder

My two challenges for June: White Collar Reverse Big Bang and NaNoDownUnder

Reverse Big Bang - becuase I can finally vid!

NaNoDownUnder - because even though I'm not down under, for me summer is a much better time for writing than fall, and there's no way I'm going to write a novel in a month.

May. 29th, 2017

Network update

So, I set up a little network.  Whoever wants to, can sign up and play, there's no need to give actual information.

Currently it doesn't do much - it's a "mostly LJ" clone which allows you to set up a personal blog and subscribe to other people's blogs, as well as comment, like and rec a post.  It's pretty much bare-bones as far as looks, because I haven't studied up on that side of things yet, and of-course it's missing a lot of functionality.

I'n not sure where I'm going from here.  Making a clone of any of today's networks doesn't require much, but is generally useless.

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