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White Collar Vid: Let's Have Fun

Title: Let's Have Fun
Genre: friendship
Characters: June
Rating: PG
Song: "Fun Life" by Diahann Carroll
Clips: S1-S4
Length: 2:12

Notes: Prepared for the Month of June.

(Download link, 71MB)


What a wonderful vid! I've been a fan of Ms. Carroll since my dad brought home the oroginal cast recording of "No Strings" in the early 60s. It's so nice to hear her sing and see these lovely clips. Thanks so much for posting this!
Thank you :-) I was introduced to Diahann Carroll only through White Collar (where she's quite under-used), and this vid was an excellent opportunity for me to get to know her music too.
Brilliant! This captures June and her friendships so well! :)
Thank you so much!
Wheeeeeeee, 2:12 of pure class! What a wonderful overview! JUUUUNE! \o/
Thanks :-) June is the grand dame of WC, she adds class wherever she appears :-)
What a sweet, light vid. :)
Thank you! Light is exactly what I was going for :-)
That was lovely and lots of fun. :)
Thanks :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)
That was lovely, June is so wonderful character.
She is! and thanks so much :-)
JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE! ♥ Oh, I love this so much! It captures her wonderfully, and the song is just perfect! :D
Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)
Lovely! Great inro with the "June Ellington" record album. Enjoyed the fact that nearly every clip was a happy one, with everyone facial expressions. Good Song.
It's not me, it's June :-) I used almost all of her appearances, and she almost always has a smile on her face! I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)
This was fabulous. I love how many different relationships are highlighted.
Thanks :-) I really like her relationship with both Neal and Mozzie, but she did meet everybody else (besides Jones, I think..)
Great vid !! And that's a really nice song. Diahann Carroll's voice has changed a little over the years, but that fits June perfectly !
Thank you! Well, the song's from 1961, so she was in her mid-20s then.
This was wonderful! So many good clips and the song is a perfect choice.

I love June so much, she is such a great character, and I wish she was on the show more.
Thank you very much :-) I also wish so. I feel she's very underused as a char.